Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service

The International Program Theme for the 2018-2022 administration of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. There are five Targets that the sorority will implement across the globe.


Target 1: HBCU for Life: A Call to Action.

This Target focuses on the education with the emphasis on promoting and marketing historically black colleges and universities. The mission is to support HBCU’s through assisting with fundraising, supporting the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated HBCU Endowment Initiative, and everything HBCU.

Under the umbrella of Target 1 is #CAP (College Admissions Process). The goal is to provide aspiring college students with guidance and support in completing applications, the enrollment process, financial aid, and everything that assists students with gaining acceptance into college/university.

Target 2: Women’s Healthcare and Wellness.

This Target’s goal is to raise community awareness of critical health issues impacting African American women, including a Mobile Breast Cancer Screening Unity that travels across the county to provide mammogram screenings to individuals. Individuals are charged with walking a minimum of 8,000 steps per day and increasing water intake. Chapters are hosting health fairs, teaching healthy eating habits, and exercising just to name a few.

Target 3: Building Your Economic Legacy.

Target 3 emphasizes financial planning, credit repair and monitoring, saving and investments, and entrepreneurship. The goal is to support Black-owned businesses, teach estate planning, and prepare for the future of their family.

Target 4: The Arts.

In many schools across the county, the Arts have been neglected. This Target’s goal is to expose students to arts enrichment and culture and showcasing talent through exploration of various artists. Special emphasis is placed on the resurgence of the Black Arts Movement.

Target 5: Global Impact.

The last Target is engaging in community service projects and partnerships that have an international impact and provide assistance to underserved international populations of color. The sorority has partnered with the Lion’s Club to collect eyeglasses and Soles 4 Souls to collect gently worn shoes. Lastly, the sorority is making dresses and shirts from pillowcases for children in Haiti.